Sample Datasets

Here you can find examples of each product for a single date, including a quicklook as a visual check of how each product should look when plotted. The sample datasets are in netCDF format, compressed as zip archives for download.

Download sample products via your browser's popup menu using a right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac).

Eulerian Ice Motion - Image Pair

Download sample EULIMGPAIR product (184 KB)

Combined Ice Deformation (Thickness) and Open Water Fraction

3 Day / 5km DTO product

Download sample DTO3DAY5KM product (3.5 MB)

Open Water Fraction

Download sample OWFMON20KM product (123 KB)

The Open Water Fraction product is the same as the Open Water Fraction component of the Monthly 20km DTO product, shown above.

Gateway Flux

Download sample MASSFLXMON product (4 KB)

GlobICE: MASSFLXMONV_KST_20080401_00000020080501_000000_0040_N1

Gateway ID and Name
Mass Flux (cubic km / day)
0. The Fram Strait
1. Svalbard-Franz Josef Land
2. Franz Joseph Land - Severnaya Zemlya
3. Franz Joseph Land - Novaya Zemlya
4. The Nares Straitno data
5. The Bering Strait
6. The Davis Straitno data