Ice Area and Mass Flux

Ice Area

GlobICE product name: OWFMON20KM

Ice area is the inverse of the open water fraction. The Open Water Fraction Product is the same as the Open Water Fraction part of the Monthly 20km DTO Product.

GlobICE computes ice mass flux through seven gateways at the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

Mass Flux

GlobICE product name: MASSFLXMON

Flow between the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans passes through seven main "gateways". GlobICE uses the ice motion, ice area and ice thickness to compute the mass of ice flowing through each gateway during each month.

If it is not possible to compute the mass flux for a gateway, either due to a lack of ASAR image coverage or the gateway being ice-free, the data for that gateway is flagged as invalid.

The GlobICE gateways are:

0. The Fram Strait

1. Svalbard - Franz Josef Land

2. Franz-Joseph Land - Severnaya Zemlya

3. Franz-Joseph Land - Novaya Zemlya

4. The Nares Strait

5. The Bering Strait

6. The Davis Strait